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31 Hari Memotret : Photography is Fun #Week 1

Have you seen that social networking—Facebook, to be exact—has given us a lot of opportunities to share and learn from and with others in many fields? There have been several pages offering us the chance to join in experiencing the challenge and fun of writing, listening to and appreciating music, and so on. This July, some of my friends created another one, inviting anyone to join in exploring the challenge and fun of photography.

The project entitled “31 Hari Memotret (31 Days Photography)” was first initiated by some friends of mine—Aditya Surya Putra, Andreas Rahadi, and Yohanes Sanjaya. They were the ones who have contributed quite a lot in developing the organizational activities of Lens Club, the photography club that belongs to the university I once studied at. The 31 Hari Memotret is not a competition; it is an open invitation for anyone having the interest in photography to take the challenge of exploring photography and have lots of fun with it.

day1_"Self Portrait" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/20) -This is a picture of my I put in my wallet. Quite representative, I hope.-

The project is designed for the whole 31 days in July 2011. Each day, all participants are assigned to take photographs based on a particular theme set on the very beginning of the project. Afterwards, we are asked to upload at least a photo each day to our own albums on Facebook.

day1_"Self-Portrait" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/4) -Standing in front of a mirror, I captured an image of myself-

As photography is (and should be) fun, we are free to interpret all the themes given for each day. Gears and techniques are unlimited; we are allowed to take photographs using DSLRs, pocket cameras, cameraphone, or even webcam or scanner. Editing is also allowed without any strict limitation. In short, we are given a very vast freedom.

day1_"Self-Portrait" Taken with Sony Experia E10i -I am a hard-smoker. Most people who knows me often identify me with a cigarette between my fingers.-

Still, we are obliged to be serious. Anyone failed to upload the photographs are subject to a Rp 20000 penalty. The sum of money collected from the penalties will be used for collective interest of all the participants. Besides, we are also asked to upload only new freshly-taken photographs—taken on the exact day of the theme or one day before at the most. We are not allowed to upload stock photos—it can easily be tracked down by verifying the EXIF data of the photographs, but the point is that we are invited to learn to appreciate honesty and fair-play. Moreover, that’s the real challenge of photography; read the theme, think about it, interpret it as you perceive it, explore, and take photographs. Hence, we will find many new fresh ideas; often those simple and unrecognized, which may just turn out to be something unique.

day1_"Self-Portrait" Taken with Sony Experia E10i -WD stands for my name: WiDi-

In this page, I present the photographs I took and uploaded during the first week of the project. Though most of them were taken using DSLRs, I also gave myself a try on pocket camera and cameraphone. And really, this project is definitely loads of fun. Thanks to the friends who initiated it, and my appreciation also goes to all of the participants. Cool project, guys!

day2_"Animal" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/10) -It's a prehostoric animal, I believe?-

day2_"Animal" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/20) -The line is an old saying. It mentions two names of animals, crocodile and tiger.-

day3_"Street" Taken with Canon PowerShot G10 -It was a path on Jogja National Museum. The feet belongs to an old friend, Lois.-

day4_"What I Eat Today" Taken with Sony Experia E10i

day5_"What I Read Today" Taken with Nokia 6120 Classic -I had just got back from work, and the first thing I read was this statement letter stuck on my friend's door.-

day6_"Silhouette" Taken with Nokia X3-02 -This is my own foot, taken under the dim light at a coffeeshop.-

day7_"Friend" Taken with Nkia X3-02 -Yup, they were two of my friends who initiated this project. On the left was Aditya Surya Putra, while on the right was Andreas Rahadi.-


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