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31 Hari Memotret Week 2: Fun, Still!

So, let’s continue to the second week of the 31 Hari Memotret (31 Days Photography Challenge) project!

It’s been a week, and I have been enjoying the fun challenge. I have to admit that on the first week, I interpreted most of the themes quite literally. On the second week, however, I tried to explore the theme more. Certainly, there were several themes that have already had rather “fixed” definition, but still, some others still offered a wide interpretation.

Perhaps, you would realize that most of the photographs I took during the second week were black-and-white (B/W). There’s no particular reason in my choosing this style; only that it would make it easier for me to concentrate more on exploring the themes. To tell you the truth, I haven’t master the right techniques of composing either the color or the object itself. Hence, setting the picture style to B/W have saved me from being confused in composing the objects while I could pay more attention on the themes. Let’s begin, then.

day8_"Color" Taken with Sony Experia E10i

Day8: “Color”

I have two favorite color: black and red. At first, I was thinking about taking the photograph of my own room’s wall, which I had painted black and white on one side. Then, I was thinking of writing the word “black” on a sheet of red paper. But then, I thought both ideas would be too explicit. So, in fact I took a sheet of black paper and wrote “hitam (black)” using cut-off pieces of red paper. It’s quite tricky, I thought: writing the word “black” in red. I just hoped that anyone seeing the photograph would perceive the dualism.

day9_"Triangle" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/10)

Day9: “Triangle”

Since the very first time I explored this theme, my attention has been drawn to my ashtray I used to put on my office’s desk. It’s in the shape of a slight triangle, that is. But, rather than capturing the glass ashtray in its full form and from frontal angle, I chose to shoot it from another lower angle, and positioned the ashtray in a way so that only a little part of it was exposed.

day9_"Triangle" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/25)

I had also been interested in my colleague’s cigarette box. It was three-dimension rectangular in shape, surely, but with a little posing, I managed to present it as a triangle. At first I was about to use my own cigarette box as the model, but the box was black and chocolate in color, which did not really support the contrasting black background. And there it was, my colleague’s cigarette box came to replace my own box; its white cover fitted the contrasting background.

day10_"Water" Taken with Nokia X3-02

Day10: “Water”

So, talking about water, the first thing that came to my mind was the beach and the bathroom. There have always been plenty of water in them, right? It was when I was about to drink a glass of water that I realized the very thing that connected us all to water: it’s part of our body. This glass of water then came as the model for the tenth day, posed on a scrabble of magazines. If you take a look closer on the magazine’s covers, you’d find that one of the covers presented the picture of a boy. That’s what I wanted to say: water is part of our life.

day11_"Architecture" Taken with Nokia X3-02

Day11: “Architecture”

Okay, I didn’t get any good idea on this. I spent almost an hour exploring the physical building of the coffeeshop I used to hang out at, but I just couldn’t figure out any interesting part of it that might represent the idea of architecture. I took photographs of the ceiling, the wall, and the door-handle, but then i decided that the stairs would be the one that fitted the idea. Honestly, I wasn’t very satisfied of the image result as I felt I haven’t done good in composing the angle and color. This is just one of the so many things I would need to deal with.

day12_"Bird-eye" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/4.5, 1/6)

Day12: “Bird-eye”

Now this. I thought you would agree that bird-eye clearly talks about technique, wouldn’t you? Now, it’s the object that matters. As I spent half of my day in my office, I thought it would be reasonable to take photographs of the things I had there using this technique. From office desks, computers, piles of boxes and many other things, I chose to take pictures that might represent an office in common. My selection went to the conventional wheeled office chair. I added the photograph of a guitar we had in our office not without reason. The guitar revealed how my office was and is: we are working in a homey and fun office!

day12_"Bird-eye" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/3.5, 1/5)

day12_"Bird-eye" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/4.5, 1/10)

Day13: “Transportation”

It’s easy to take photographs of still vehicles, but then, the essential point of transportation (i.e. vehicle) is to get us in motion, moving from one place to another. So, it would be better to present pictures of the vehicles in motion. I waited for minutes on one side of the road for the motorcycles to pass. I spent several shots to apply the panning technique; mostly failed because either the shutter speed or the motorcycle passing was too slow. From about ten shots, only one out of them that was quite satisfying.

day13_"Transportation" Taken with Canon EOS 550D

day13_"Transportation" Taken with Canon EOS 550D

I added the photograph of my tattoo artist’s miniature car because I loved the color (it’s black).

Day14: “Tree”

The last theme for the second week was very interesting. Surely, the tree on the front yard of my office had caught my interest, but I didn’t know why something was holding me back from taking its photographs. Again, a physical tree would be too explicit, I guessed. Just when I was thinking about what a tree might appear as, a line from a religious song I used to sing when I was a little girl suddenly crossed my mind. I forgot what the title of the song was, but I could clearly remember the first line of the song. It said “Yesus pokok dan kita carangnya (Jesus is the trunk while we are the branches)”. Well done, that’s it!

day14_"Tree" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/8)

Back then when we discussed about the themes and how we might freely interpret them, I have had a thought of a family tree. So, I drew my own family tree, including my father, my mother, my brother, and myself. Not too bad, I hope.

day14_"Tree" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/30)

Well, the second week has been completed. Currently I am doing for the third week with many other themes and interpretation. When it’s done, I’ll gladly share.


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