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31 Hari Memotret Week 3: The Tide is High but I’m Holding On

Hey, guys! I’ve just completed the third week of 31 Hari Memotret (31 Days Photography Challenge). Up to this third week, I have taken photographs based on 21 themes. Though I should have been grateful for being saved from the penalty (ha-ha!), but I would have to admit that this week hasn’t been as good as the previous two weeks. Due to my being ill for about three days, I wasn’t been able to maximize my mind in searching for a satisfying interpretation. Still worse, I have been suffering from quite an annoying tremor, and it’s getting worse as I had also got a fever. Well, that shouldn’t keep me from continuing this project, however!

day15_"Beverages" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/5.6, 1/80)

Day15: “Beverages”

The third week’s themes was started with “beverages”. I managed to take photographs of a bottle of mineral water I kept on my office-desk. Somewhat embarasing to tell you, I have had this bottle for more than a week on my desk (without me drinking it!). I just kept on forgetting to throw it away to the waste-bin. Ha. Silly me! Surprisingly, the cold air in my office has created cute dews inside the bottle. With the help of my colleague’s desk lamp as the artificial light, the bottle and the dews successfully became my model.

day16_"Motion" Taken with Canon EOS 550D (f/22, 2")

Day16: “Motion”

I’d just be honest: perhaps this is the worst photographs I’ve taken during this project. This was taken on the day I began to feel ill in my stomach (pre-menstrual syndrome, that is). I knew I shouldn’t have put the blame on the syndrome, but clearly it had to do with the tremor I got. I had taken some night shooting depicting the trails created by the city-lights or the passing motors and the results were good enough. Still, this time, I thought I failed to do the same. Aimed to capture the trail of a desk lamp by moving the camera, this turned out to be a shameful image—for me, at least. I lost focus for the tremor. Worse, the aperture, the shutter speed, and the angle felt all wrong! And I just couldn’t justify myself for not trying again. Though some of my friends said they loved this image enough, but I didn’t think this is one of my favorite. Obviously, no.

day17_"Direction Board" Taken with LG Cookie KP500

Day17: “Directional Board”

Most of the participants presented the photographs of real directional board showing the name of streets or other directions. I tried to be a little different, that then I took the picture of an informational board I used to hang on my door. It’s not as explicit as the real directional board, but I thought it was significant enough in directing anyone coming to my door to whatever activities I might be doing.

day18_"Fruit" Taken with Sony Experia E10i

Day18: “Fruit”

Okay, I presented real fruit here. An apple in B/W style. Perhaps it would be hard enough to accept that it’s in fact an apple because it showed no familiar redness, but I tried to tackle that by including the familiar brand sticker of the apple in the photograph.

day18_"Fruit" Taken with Sony Experia E10i

Next, I tried to make a joke. In Indonesian, “fruit” is literally translated as “buah”, while “danger” is translated as “bahaya”. Ring a bell? An exaggerated way of saying “bahaya” is sometimes by adding a “u”, making it a “bUahaya”. So then, I printed the word “danger” and took the photograph of it. Some amusement, I hope.

day19_"Macro" Taken with Sony Experia E10i

Day19: “Macro”

Okay, macro is widely understood as taking photographs of tiny objects from a close focal distance using a specific lens for macro shooting. This was perhaps the hardest theme to manifest. Firstly, I didn’t have any macro lens, nor did my friends at the office. Secondly, my colleague has taken the DSLR I used to use to a photo session, so I couldn’t either shoot using its macro feature or reversing the lens for a manual macro shooting. I’ve just got a cameraphone available for use, so I decided to use it indeed. The feel of a macro was then presented by the size of the object: a small drawing I had doodled on a piece of paper.

day20_"Hand" Taken with Nokia C3

Day20: “Hand”

The admin of the project has given us a funny guide about this theme: “We’re given two hands. One to be the model, the other to press the shutter button.” It’s absolutely right. My right hand became the model, while my left hand acted as the executor. The thing was, again, my tremor annoyed me quite a lot. To make it easier, I used a cameraphone, which clearly was lighter and easier to use single-handed.

day20_"Hand" Taken with Nokia C3

I also took pictures of my wrist watch. You see, wrist watch are always worn on your hand, right? I really loved the image result. It was taken also with a cameraphone, but the noise in the picture made it appears as if it was taken using an analog film camera.

day20_"Hand" Taken with Nokia C3

Another photograph was two wooden bracelets I always wear round my left wrist. Actually I was thinking about maintaining the B/W style, but it turned out that the style didn’t fit this object. My bracelets were made of colorful wooden beads—red, yellow, green, and black. It would be a mistake if these colors weren’t exposed, so this time I had o violate the B/W style.

day21_"Night" Taken with Canon EOS 1000D (f/16, 3.2")

Day21: “Night”

Ha! This is one of the things I loved! After taking photographs at my tattoo artist’s studio (to be used for another photo project), I wandered around and saw a group of boys skateboarding on a path of the street under the flyover, just across the studio. Setting the shutter speed low, I intended to capture the boys in motion under the gloomy lights from above. In fact, the citylights appeared in unusual shapes; it seemed that the motion of the boys had to do with the light’s trail. It’s funny, though, and I loved it.

day21_"Night" Taken with Canon EOS 1000D (f/4.5, 1/8)

I took a photograph of the ornament on the studio’s name board, with the gleaming lights behind as the background. Then, I went to another place and found a lamppost with bright tungsten light. Standing under it, I took a photograph of my own shadow.

day21_"Night" Taken with Canon EOS 1000D (f/3.5, 1/5)

Yup, the third week has been completed. The last week is waiting. I planned on trying something new for the last week. Hopefully I can manage to try on reversed-lens or scannography. Wish me luck!


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