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Photographs of Faces of People: Because your Face Reveals Your Soul

To begin in explaining about this photostory, I need to take a flashback to 2007—when I started to learn photography for the very first time—because that’s the point from which I arrange this photostory.

Back then, some of my best friends (Damar and Yochan, of the most) lent their analog cameras to me so that I could practice taking photographs. The learning method they applied on me was not by giving guidances or advices before I started shooting, but instead, after I finished taking photographs. Prior to taking photographs, they only taught me how to mount the film roll into the camera and explained some basic functions on the camera’s body (e.g the shutter button, the film lever, the light meter, and so on). It was like I was going in blind, shooting objects while knowing nothing about the composition or angle. The only thing I knew was that I should fix a focused object with proper lighting (back then, I hadn’t even had any idea on what exposure is!).

Tricky, it was. But I found out the method to be useful. Finished with the shootings, I used to show the results of my exercise to those friends. Within discussions, they would review my photographs and told me what I’ve done right and what I would need to improve. Shortly saying, they taught me the “learning by doing” method. That’s great, and to this day I feel very grateful that I have had these supportive friends by my side. 🙂

Now, back to the photostory. I haven’t decided (and probably won’t decide either) which genre I love the most. I like taking pictures of anything, anywhere, anytime, as long as I have the inner drive—let’s say it’s passion—to press the shutter button. From the first time to the present days, mostly I have taken pictures of still life and human interest, though I also try and explore other genres.

I have always been interested in capturing people’s faces close-up; far better in snapshot/candid style. I love to lock their expression, and afterwards spending time looking at the image results guessing about what they might have been thinking at the moment I captured their expression. For a start, I took photographs of my own friends’ faces in anticipation to being refused. Later on, I also tried to take pictures of people I don’t know personally.

Then, it came to my mind that these photographs I’ve been collecting might offer vast interpretation. The link (I hope none is missing!) would be the word “face” and “expression”. The rest of it depends on you.

So, I collected and selected some of the photographs of people’s faces.Most of them were taken using analog camera, so please don’t be surprised when you find images with high noise. Not to justify myself, but this is also a reminder for me of the process of learning photography I’ve gone through. I’m still learning, even until the second I’m writing this.

I supposed you have ever heard of an old saying “The eyes are the window of the soul.” This became the point on which I present them in this photostory. The expressions might seem just simple, but they might tell a thousand words. A smile might reveal happiness, satisfaction, or any other good feelings.

As in this photostory, all photographs here were taken with analog cameras. Later on, I’ll also share other photographs I’ve taken using digital cameras. Enjoy the photographs, and perhaps you can also spend some time guessing about what the people in the photographs might have been thinking about. 😉

2009-"Yohanes 'Yochan' Sanjaya"-a photographer; one of my tutors- Taken with Nikon F801 using Proplus 100

2009-"Pius Agung Setiawan"-a photographer- Taken with Nikon F801 using Proplus 100

2009-"Arshanti Bimalia"-a friend in college; a jazz singer- Taken with Nikon F801 using proplus 100; converted to B/W

2009-"Audy Bramara"-a friend in college- taken with Nikon F801 using Proplus 100

2009-"Damar Purnomo"-a photographer; one of my tutors- Taken with Nikon F801 using Proplus 100

2009-"Tigana Marbun"-a lighting director (to be)- taken with nikon F801 using Proplus 100

2009-"Venansius Chris"-a musician; now a bank staff- Taken with Nikon F801 using Proplus 100

2008-"A male Topeng Ireng dancer" Taken with Nikon FM10 Using Fujicolor Superia 200

2008-"A female Topeng Ireng dancer" Taken with Nikon FM10 using Fujicolor Superia 200

2009-"Arief Edy"-a friend in college; a trekker- Taken with Nikon FM10 using Kodakcolor 200; converted to B/W



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