Scanography Pt. 2: Say it with Flowers

“Dear God”

Yeah. I’ve been just too excited about scanography. This new thing—well, not really new, actually—has introduced me to a new challenge and exploration. So, I went to a flower market and bought some roses and good-night (Polianthes tuberosa) flowers. I had no particular reason in choosing the two kinds of flowers; roses are simply beautiful in any way, while good-night is one of my favorite flowers, which I used to put in my room for the “mystic” fragrance (it’s good to protect your room from mosquitoes, too!).

The second try on scanography took me into more exploration on the composition and how to add more dynamics to the image results; in other word, avoiding flat images. I worked on the concept and setting myself, but yes, for some shots, I still needed a hand from my friend (I have to thank Philip Sigar for this!) 🙂 . This time, I managed to clean up the mirror first, and thankfully the white flecks were minimized a bit. Then, I also maximized the darkroom setting; windows closed, lamps turned off.

Another lesson I took from the second chance was how to prevent too flat images. Sometimes, when we put the objects too close or even right on the mirror, it will result in awful flat images, especially when the object is part of our body. So, the easiest way to prevent such trouble is by putting the objects at about half a centimeter above the mirror, not directly sticking them onto it.

I have converted some of the images to B/W to see what difference it might make compared to digital camera’s results. Well, have a look on the results.

“Dancing in Roses”
“Dear God”-converted to B/W
“Farewell, for good”
“Leaving for A Journey to Neverland”
“Leaving for A Journey to Neverland” pt.2
“Polianthes tuberosa”
“Polianthes tuberosa”-converted to B/W
“Beauty, oh beauty”
“Beauty, oh beauty” pt.2
“Beauty, oh beauty” pt.3
“Beauty, oh beauty” pt.4

One thought on “Scanography Pt. 2: Say it with Flowers

  1. Hello,your scanography works are lovely! I’ve done a couple as well, this technique gets very addictive.

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