(Sometimes) Older is Better: A Photo Trial

Most people are afraid of aging or being old. But, I realized that sometimes being old is good. the older, the better. I’ve just done a photography trial; editing pictures to make them look old and antique. The project was initially inspired by a news I was reviewing; about someone who sold an old photo of a subject that looked perfectly similar to Nicolas Cage and later said that the photo might be a prove that Cage is a living undead, vampire, etc. The old photo attracted me so; it looked very old and historical, and it has teased me to try editing some of the photos I’ve taken to make them appear old.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m not familiar with Photoshop. I prefer using ACDSee Pro to edit the photos. The editing modes I used included onverting to B/W, sephia, old, and noise effect. Perhaps you realize that old photos seldom look black-and-white; mostly, they are in sephia color range. The other essential effect is noise, so adding noise effect is also a good option to make photos look older. This works better if the original files were taken using analog camera.

Here are some of the results. On the left side is the of each frame is the original photo, while on the right side is the edited result. Hope you enjoy them. 🙂

Yogyakarta's Bank of Indonesia, taken using analog camera
A Lampost at Malioboro st.
A friend of mine, taken using analog camera
Balinese women at Prambanan temple

Some tips:

1. Make sure you have a copy of the original file. In case you don’t really like the edited version, or your computer suddenly won’t respond, you will still have the file save, so you can edit them further or in many other styles.

2. Try different orders. Converting to B/W, adding sephia or other effects can be done in free order for different results. You can try converting to B/W first, then add  sephia effect, and finally give the old look by adding noise effect. On another photo (or the same photo, if you wish), try different order. Even the slightest different order will give pretty different result and sense. 😉

The Javanese dancer
Other results from the same scene of the Javanese dancer

3 thoughts on “(Sometimes) Older is Better: A Photo Trial

  1. For some pictures it has a really nice touch to it, for example the portrait of your friend and the Balinese dancer.
    In my opinion the aging of the pictures of the bank and prambanan isn’t that successful. The pictures become much to grainy and flat. And all the details are lost in that way.
    As for the photo of the lamppost. I like the original picture very much because of the green in it. And sadly that disappears in the aged picture.
    I think it is really hard to pick the right picture to age. Because it can be quiet disappointing when you put in lots of work and the outcome is worse than the original.

    Nice post, keep on experimenting.

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