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Proud to be Aquarians!

I am an Aquarian. Many others are. Without intending to look down on others, we Aquarians are proud to be born under this eleventh sign in the horoscope cycle. Here, I want to share some information related to Aquarius—from its symbol, astronomical influences, personal traits, to examples of some famous world Aquarian figures. The data here are compiled from various sources, each to enrich others.

The Symbol

Generally, people are said to be Aquarians if they were born between January 21 and February 19. Aquarius is symbolized as the Water Bearer; the horoscope sign is commonly described as a person pouring water from a vessel or simply as waves of water. According to the symbol, Aquarians are believed to “eternally giving life and spiritual food to the world”. The water alone represents progress and growth; Aquarians are best known for their intellectual quality, their concern with equality and freedom/independence, and their “open-ended spiritual energy”.


Astronomical Influence

Depending on the year of birth, the personality of an Aquarian is also influenced by the astronomic cycle—that is, the planet that is nearest to the earth during the horoscope cycle. That’s why, though most Aquarians share some common traits, each of them will always come forward with their own distinctive traits—sometimes one may even seem to have contradictory traits from another.



-Unconventional and freedom loving;

-Have strong opinions—some may think you are stubborn and headstrong;

-Highly independent—you will be attracted to annoy the status quo.


-Have a definite humanitarian bent;

-Able to understand unusual concepts/ideas;

-Respond strongly to intellectual stimulation;

-Value individual freedom highly.


-Bright and intuitive;

-Consider things carefully;

-Original thinker with inventive and resourceful mind;

-Eccentric—sometimes an extreme one.


-Friendly and cooperative;

-Loyal, but still maintain individual autonomy;



-Very independent, self-sufficient, and experimental;

-Interested in humanitarian causes or even radical social change;



-Self-sufficient, unconventional, and cause-oriented;

-Courageous to be different;

-Quite tolerant.


-Independent and level-headed;

-Cooperative and diligent;

-Interested in social changes.




-Highly inventive and may become pioneers for many breakthroughs in social issues.




-Pioneers in breakthroughs in spiritual understanding.


-Inventive, humanitarian, and highly progressive;


Personal Traits

Aquarians are known as interesting and attractive people. Either they are shy, sensitive and gentle or enthusiastic and lively, they are strong-willed and forceful in their own unique way. Praised for their intellectual quality, Aquarians are also farsighted and innovative. Always maintaining to stay independent and unique, most Aquarians have also proven to be highly creative people with distinctive personalities—either in behavior or in physical appearance.

Though strong-willed and very opinionated (or even stubborn), Aquarians are also objective; they will fight for what they believe in, but they are also open-minded enough to accept a valid argument even when they personally disagree with it. What to notice is that, whether they agree or disagree with an issue, Aquarians tend to be frank and outspoken.


Social Relationship

When it comes to social relationship/interaction, Aquarians are known to be friendly people who welcome new friends from various backgrounds. They make good friends either in their social neighborhood, working place, or other social environment. Still, though seem highly open-armed, Aquarians are not actually difficult to get close to; only the right ones will be able to make real friends with Aquarians.

Aquarians love activity; they love to spend their times doing anything. In groups, Aquarians are often come as the ones who cherish the party. Perhaps it’s because they are naturally born with such a sense of humor. For their friends, Aquarians will be available to give help when needed, as well as they won’t feel ashamed of getting help from others when they really need one. But, though open to giving or receiving help to and from others, Aquarians just won’t get involved emotionally.

As a companion, an Aquarian is serious yet genial. They are idealistic; romantic but practical. In most relationship (professional, friendship, or love), Aquarians will always stay realistic as they are highly logical people. Though feeling excited or badly disappointed, they won’t let their circumstances take control of their mind and their life.



Aquarians have good imagination and are quite intuitive. They are not limited to their environment; they may be inspired by anything. They are the kind of people who don’t like being just another person in the crowd, which means that they don’t really follow trends. They enjoy being odd and unique—distinctive from others. Often, they adopt a life style that is against the trend. Some Aquarians may even be trendsetters within their societies. Is it important to notice that for any life style they’re following, Aquarians always have good reasons for doing so.

Generally, Aquarians have strong passion in beauty and balance, and they also have “excellent sense of aesthetic”. No wonder that most Aquarians are greatly interested in art and humanitarian issues—music, literature, socio-cultural issues. However, as they are born with outstanding intelligence, Aquarians may also have strong interest in science and innovation.


Negative Traits

Though Aquarians are basically friendly peoplw who make friends easily, many times they enjoy being alone. When they’ve decided to set themselves apart from their surrounding for some reasonable reasons, they won’t tolerate any kind of interference, even when it is offered for kind intention. It is also that they do not “actively seek out relationship” (though they are open to new friends). Somehow, Aquarians may also seem cool (or even cold!), and some may think that they don’t care of what’s going on in their surroundings. However, it’s not that Aquarians don’t really care; it’s just that they don’t like showing off.

Speaking about emotional quality, most Aquarians espress less emotional or personal feeling than others do. It may be strongly caused by their strong logics and their nature of being realistic. Still, it doesn’t mean that they have hearts of stone; it’s just that they tend to maintain the balance between emotion and logics.

One negative trait commonly found in Aquarians is that they are temperamental. They are tolerant and open-minded, it’s true, but once they are angered or feel deeply insulted, they become “seriously rude”. They may express their anger either by remaining undisturbedly silent, or by sudden bursts of temper.

Generally speaking about Aquarians, they are truly an enigma.



Here are some of the things an Aquarian commonly dislike:




-Taken for granted


-Senseless extravance

-Trend/popular fashion

-Mainstreams (particularly in art)


Famous Aquarians

Nicolaus Copernicus (1473-1543)—Renaissance astronomer; first to formulate the heliocentric cosmology

Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626)—English scientific philosopher

Galileo Galilei (1564-1642)—Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, philosopher; inventor of the telescope

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791)—Austrian classic composer

Franz Schubert (1797-1828)—Austrian composer

Robert Burns (1759-1796)—Scottish poet

Lord Byron (1788-1824)—English poet

Charles Darwin (1802-1882)—British naturalist; inventor of the Theory of Evolution

Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865)—the 16th American president

Charles Dickens (1812-1870)—author of Great Expectation & Oliver Twist

Lewis Caroll (1832-1898)—English author, mathematician, photographer; author of Alice in Wonderland

Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931)—American inventor

Anton Pavlovic Chekov (1860-1904)—Russian writer, plywright, physician

Charles Lindberg (1902-1974)—American aviator, first to cross the Atlantic Ocean

Christian Dior (1905-1957)—French fashion designer

Ronald Reagan (1911-2004)— the 40th American president

Edwin Aldrin (1930)—American astronaut; second man to land on the moon

Toni Morrison (1931)—American Nobel-winning novelist; author of The Bluest Eye

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945)—the 32nd American president

Corazon Cojuangco Aquino (1933-2009)—the 11th Phillipine president; ignitor of the “People Power” revolution that toppled Marcos’ dictatorship

Yoko Ono (1933)—Japanese artist, musician, author, peace activist, feminist

Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley (1945-1981)—Jamaican reggae singer, songwriter, musician

Oprah Winfrey (1954)—American world-renowned talkshow hostess; actress

John Travolta (1954)—American actor, dancer, singer. Popularly known for his act in Grease and Saturday Night Fever

Sheryl Crow (1962)—American singer, songwriter, record producer, musician, actress; a cancer survivor

Michael Jordan (1963)—renowned American professional basketball player

Shakira (1977)—Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer

Alicia Augello Cook “Keys” (1981)—American artist, musician, songwriter


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