Capturing Mime Theater on Stage: Posture, Gesture, Expression

"Laughing at Life"

After presenting you some of the stage photos i took during a Balinese dance performance, now I am gonna share some of my previous stage photos—this time, on mime theater.

Basically, photographing mime (pantomime) theater is quite similar to capturing dance performance, as the two arts use the body instead of words/literal language as a means of communication. Shortly saying, there are three aspects we can capture from a mime theater performance: the posture (the way one bears his/her body), the gesture (the way one moves parts of his/her body to express a taught or feeling), and the facial expression.

People commonly rely on tele-zoom lenses to capture stage performances, in regards to the particular distance separating the audiences from the stage/performers. However, in my own experience, even a kit lens (18-55mm) is enough to take photographs of stage performances, especially when we can make it to the very front seat. In my own experience, I used to come about 30 to 20 minutes before the show begins so that I could get the front seat. 😉

Below are some photographs I took during a mime theater performance by Bengkel Mime Theater—a talented pantomime group based in Yogyakarta, which also has often performed in other countries, either in Asia or Europe. These are old photos; I took them on 2009. The play was entitled “Aku Malas pulang ke Rumah (literally translated as I Don’t Wanna go Home), performed at Bagong Kussudiarjo Art Stage in Bantul, Yogyakarta. Enjoy! 🙂

"Still among motions"
"Funny, eh?"
"Fear of the Dark"
"Watching our own life"
"What Have We Become?"

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