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Beauty in Frames—All Girls Are Born Beautiful

From the so many genres in photography, the least I am interested in is model photography. I have to admit that I have been skeptical on this genre. Possibly, it’s because most of the photos I see exposed girls in sexy and sensual poses—sometimes even seducing. Such photos, in my ‘horrible’ opinion, got me questioning: was it purely the photographic aspects that attracked people, or was it the sexy butts and breast exposed?

Okay, you may just blame me for this. But, honestly, I am a girl, and personally I don’t like to see girls exposing their body in some bitchy way. Yes, I have seen many nude photos, but there are a lot of ways to make those girls (models/talents) look more elegant and ‘womanly’ rather than just cheaply sexy.

You know an old saying “If you can’t go against the flow, then go along with it”? Yeah, so I finally tried taking some model photography after one of my friends asked me to do her profile pictures. The difference is, of course, the talent was not a professional model. But, certainly speaking, it gave more challenges and fun, especially the challenge to expose their natural beauty in the way that best suits their personality.

Here are some of the photographs. The talent here was Vina and eka, two of my friends in college. For next project, I am planning to take several other shots, with another friend of mine as the talent (I think I’ll present the result next week). Hope you will like them as much as I do, because I always believe that all girls are born beautiful. 🙂

Some lessons:

Understand the Unique Characters

Every person is born with their own unique quality and character that differs him/her from the others. Get to know it first, either by letting them tell you or by involving them in casual conversations. You may also let them give suggestions on the concepts of photographs to take.

Expose the Uniqueness

When you’re done with getting to know their personality, the next step to take is to reveal it through the photographs. There are a lot of things you can explore when exposing one’s distinctive quality; it may be through their expression, the wardrobe and make-up, or the spot you choose for the shooting session.

Make Each Other Feel Comfortable

Make sure you don’t ask too much from the talent(s)—for example, asking them to pose in ways they don’t feel like to. In the other hand, you have to build a good communication with the talents(s) so that they can give you what you need.

*Note: all the tips/lessons I share here will work a lot easier when the talent(s) is your own friend. 😉


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