The Story of Loneliness: Just A Story in Photographs give me coffee and TV. History, I've seen so much I'm goin blind and i'm braindead virtually... ~Blur-Coffee and TV~ (taken with Samsung cameraphone)

I think we’re alone here you and I

I think we’re alone left wondering why

I think we’re alone here you and I

I think we’re alone in the universe tonight

~David Usher-Alone in the Universe~

A friend of mine once said “I am not a photographer. It’s just that I love telling stories—either through words, or photographs”.

Well, I am not a photographer, nor will I proclaim myself as one.

I enjoy taking photographs; it taught me many things. Above all, it strengthen my belief that there are plenty of ways for us to express our feelings or thoughts. As for myself, sometimes I like telling stories through literal words (poems, short stories, etc.), body language (i.e. dancing), and photographs.

“The Story of Loneliness” is just one series of photographs inspired by a very personal feeling—the feeling of loneliness. For long, I have suffered from demophobia (fear of the crowd). It doesn’t mean that I’m an antisocial creature. No; it’s just that I find more comfort in quietness, being alone.

Certainly, loneliness may be interpreted in many ways. Some may identify it with emptiness, desperation, or even sadness and sorrow. Still, some others may identify loneliness with tranquility, comfort, or even peace.

The photographs were inspired by several songs in my playlist; songs that sometimes brings the feeling of being lonely to  the surface. Through this series of photographs, I want to share how I perceive loneliness. You may find it gloomy or relaxing—that’s definitely up to how you feel about them.

...time after time, I'm going in blind, do all these roads lead me back to You... ~Payable on Death-Going in Blind~ (taken with Canon EOS 550D) one ever said it would be so hard. Now let's go back to the start... ~Coldplay-The Scientist~ (taken with Canon EOS 550D)
...cause I want nothing more than sit outside Heaven's door, listening to Your breathing-that's where I want to be... ~Lifehouse-Breathing~ (taken with canon EOS 1000D)
...full moon sways gently in the night on one fine day. All my way looking for a moment with my dear... ~DyBre-Moon on the Water~ (taken with canon EOS 550D)
...all we will care about is talking; talking only me and you... ~Peter, Bjorn, and John-Young Folks~ (taken with Canon EOS 550D)

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