November Rain: Photographs under The Rain

When asked what ‘enemies’ are there against a camera, we will definitely include rain among them. Indeed, rain may be the #1 enemy. No wonder most people choose to pack their camera and other photographic gears safe when rain starts to fall.

This November, it has started to rain quite heavily and frequently in my hometown (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). On November 20, I was asked to be a support photographer during one of my friend’s wedding. It rained heavily almost the whole day.

Watching the rain from under the terace of the bride’s house, suddenly my mind flew to a very well-known song, “November Rain” (Guns ‘n Roses). It has been one of my favorite songs ever. Inspired, I sneaked several photographs around the venue. Thank God, the roof has been protective, though I had to stay alerted as some spots of it were leaking and  water might just drop from anywhere.

I brough a 55-250mm lens, so it was not that hard to take pictures of the rain afar from a safe spot. Here are the photographs, enjoy!


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