Taking Pictures with Cameraphone

“The Story of Loneliness”

Who says you have to own “real” photography gears in order to capture pictures?

Unless you are a professional one (means that you earn your life from photography), I think gears is the last thing to consider.

All this time, I haven’t had any photography gears; not a single one. Besides using my friends’ cameras and lenses, most of the times I learn to take pictures using a Canon EOS 550D DSLR camera that belongs to my office.

The only camera I fully own is only the one featured in my handphone. My cameraphone features a 1.3MP image resolution, with no autofocus mode. The images resulted are mostly grainy and full of noise, especially under low-light condition. Poor, you may say. Still, it is useful to use it to learn more about taking pictures.

In fact, the grainy look is the element I love the most from taking pictures using my cameraphone. It gives a distinctive look, I suppose.

The best thing to do to maximize a cameraphone is by being creative in setting the composition and choosing the angle—regarding to the fact that a cameraphone, no matter how good it is, still lacks of many photographic features a DSLR may offer.

You may capture patterns, colors, or shapes. It is best not to shoot from a direct frontal angle to avoid flat images. You can try low-angle or  bird-eye (shooting from an angle higher than the object). As for the composition, there are many you can explore, like combining one-type patterns (lines, circles, etc). The cameraphone’s special effects are also good to apply. As for myself, mostly I used the “monochrome” or “sepia” mode.

Below are some of the images taken using my cameraphone, a Samsung GT-C3303i.  If you have a cameraphone with higher resolution, then I’m pretty sure you can take better pictures then the ones I’ve shot. Kristupa Saragih, a renowned Indonesian photographer—who is my boss—once said, “It’s not that you’re able to take good pictures using a DSLR camera that then you’ll be able to take picture using a cameraphone. It is that if you’re able to take good pictures using a cameraphone, then you must be able to make good photographs using a DSLR camera.” You got the point, I guess? 😉

“Fill Me In”
“The One I Call True Friend”
“No Crossing”
“Won’t Let Nobody Hurt You”
“The Way I Am”

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