Fashion Photo Project 02: The History of Ellegance

Once, I saw some series of photographs presenting female models posing in a temple. The temple looks very beautiful and ellegant. So sadly, the girls didn’t seem to match the setting; they posed in sensual ways, somewhat erotic. I got angry by that—to me, the photographs were violating the true nature of a temple.

Perhaps I’m too idealist, but come on, isn’t a temple a sacred place? How could I agree with the idea of matching it with girls posing sensually with too sexy wardrobe? There’s no way I could accept that.

So I make my own photographs. In my eyes, a temple—as it is mostly used to worship the God—is more than just beautiful. It’s ellegant, mystic, sacred. It’s beyond humanly things. Still, as a place connecting human being to the Creator—with whatever names It is called—temples are also a place for mankind to integrate with.

I set up a concept of combining the godly beauty of a temple with the humanly beauty of a woman. They both share the same sense: ellegance. The talent was a friend I have known quite well for years; she is a Balinese dancer and a kindergarten teacher.

Here are the photographs. Hopefully they are able of representing the ellegance; both unimaginable and reachable.

Talent: Ayu Kusuma

Location : Candi Sari, Kalasan, Yogyakarta

Gear : Canon EOS 600D with EF 50mm f/1.8 fixed lens

Lighting : available light (mostly side lighting)


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