Musical Theater “Nyanyian Rimbayana”

"the jungle fights"

Nyanyian Rimbayana” (literally translated as The Music of The Jungle) was a musical theater performed by the Gamelan-Musik-Tari (GMT Jogja) community. Directed by Ahmad Jalidu, the performance presented both music and theater, polished by stunning coreography.

Performed at Societet Militair, Yogyakarta, the theater told the story of a jungle in progress of developing its life. The King—a tiger—was a devoted leader promising to keep the jungle in balance and to maintain the peaceful life of all animals in his kingdom. But, once the heir’s wife appeared, things changed. Not only did she killed the king, she also tricked her own husband and made herself the queen.

She ruled the jungle in purpose of improving the economical life of the kingdom, without paying any attention to the animals’ wellbeing. Forget all about peace and wealth; the animals were subjects to the tourists’ hunting.

By the help from his uncles–the two eagles, the Prince returned, defeated the wicked queen and returned to rule his kingdom.

Though the main theme might be regarded as simple, the whole performance was very awesome. The actors’ performances were good, the music was nice, and the coreography was captivating. Moreover, the story also provided an analogy to the situation our country has been in for the last years—at least, it seemed so to me.

While taking photographs of the performance, I took some of the scenes using freeze-action shot, while most of the coreography was taken using slow-speed technique to strengthen the appearance of the motion. Enjoy.

*For those willing to watch the performance, it will be performed again on January 4, 2012 at the auditorium of Muhammadiyah University, Magelang.

"the Queen"
"the Queen"
"the Queen"
"when (still) in love"
"the tourist"
"the wildlife"
"the Eagle"
"the Eagle"
"when (still) in love"
"spinning round"
"the Ape and the Cow"
"heir in despair"
"the Eagle"
"f(L)ight of the birds"
"the future King"

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