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Why Don’t Listen to Them?

Okay, 2011 is over. Many things have changed for sure, while many others remain the same.

Among the things that haven’t changed much during the past year is my sense of music; I’m still deeply in love with rock music and its wide range of variations—from progressive, alternative, to metal. Obviously it doesn’t mean I close my ears to other genres. It’s only that these kind of rock music has been the most-played ones during 2011.

Here are some of them; if you’re a rock lover and you’ve got time, then perhaps this list may be a suggestion. Check them on. 😉

1.      Eluveitie

A folk-metal band from Winterthur, Switzerland. They combine guitars and harsh vocals with traditional instruments, such as bagpipes and mandola. Most of their lyrics are in the extinct language Gaulish. My favorite tracks include Quoth the Raven, Grey Sublime Archon, and Thousandfold.

2.      Kasabian

Silly me, I’ve just recognized this English rock band when watching the movie London Boulevard, which features their song The Green Fairy as one of the soundtracks. My favorite tracks, besides The Green Fairy, are LSF (Lost Souls Forever) and Clubfoot.

3.      Red Hot Chili Peppers

This American funk-rock band has been one of my most favorable bands since I was only 10, and they remains on my list all time long. Californication perhaps is their best album for me, but during the past year my choice went to Snow and Desecration Smile from the album Stadium Arcadium.

4.      Steve Vai

I also enjoy instrumentals, and Steve Vai is one of the guitarists I loved the most (apart from John Frusciante and John Petrucci). His guitar playing is very touching that sometimes I felt like hypnotized, especially when listening to For the Love of God and Whispering A Prayer.

5.      Rebelution

Besides rock music, I also favor reggae—particularly the new generations. Rebelution is one of the reggae bands/musicians I’ve listened the most during 2011. Bright Side of Life, Lazy Afternoon, and More than Ever are the most-played tracks in my playlist.

6.      Epica

This Dutch symphonic metal band is really awesome. Like Eluveitie, they brings a distinctive touch to metal songs. Combining male growls and female symphonic singing, their songs are a list of enchantments.

7.      Bon Jovi

I’ve started to love this American rock-ballad band, along with Red Hot Chili Peppers, since I was in elementary school. I can’t really mention what my favorite tracks are as I continue to enjoy most of their songs from time to time.

8.      Payable on Death (P.O.D)

Besides their hip-metal touch, I love this American rock band for their lyrics. As many have considered POD as a Christian religious rock band, it will certainly make difference to understand their lyrics from a ‘religious’ perspective.

9.      Sirenia

A Norway metal band, Sirenia performs a pleasing combination of gothic and symphonic metal. Tracks I’ve listened the most include The Otherside and My Mind’s Eye.

10.  Rammstein

This German industrial metal band may be quite a controversy (at least in their homeland country), but I don’t think that has anything to do with their music; I like them anyway, particularly the tracks Sonne, Du Hast, and Mutter.

11.  Dream Theater

So sad that many people haven’t recognized this progressive rock band but only for their hit The Spirit Carries On. Not only do they give precious music, their lyrics are also meaningful. Hollow Years, Take Away My Pain, Peruvian Skies, and Octavarium are among my favorite tracks.

12.  Within Temptation

A Dutch symphonic metal band, Within Temptation takes the same portion in my playlist as Sirenia.

13.  Deep Forest

Considered as performing ethnic electronica music, this French duo is just lovable. Apart from their popular hit Deep Blue Sea, which features Indonesian-French singer Anggun, I also favor their other tracks like Will you Be Ready, Elemental, and Lullaby.



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