One Moment

The sky burns ‘till it gets dry

and drops of red rain fall as I cry

thousand stars crash to dust

silver moon cracks to ash.


It’s hardest to find the reason why

This couldn’t be real; it’s nothing but a lie.


The moment you go, the whole world turns blue

leave me nothing but whole misty sorrow

I’m lost in dreams and memories of you

praying I could be where you go.


One last time I just need to touch your face

before the wind takes you into the haze.


It’s just too hard to find the reason why

the sky burns in my sight ‘till it gets dry

don’t know how long it takes to make me believe

but then it is; you leave.


The skyline bleeds as I call out your name

crash my heart ‘till I can’t even cry

the spirits I have went dry into million dreams

and with these broken wings I can no longer fly.


One darkest day of life

losing the one we truly love

one hardest moment just comes by

a moment we have to say goodbye.


Yogyakarta, July 27, 2010


*I wrote this poem by request of a friend, who is a bassist of a psychedelic band based in Yogyakarta. He was about to write a new song about the sorrow of losing someone we love, so I wrote down these lines. He based the song (I have no idea whether it’s completed yet or not, though) on his experience of losing his grandfather, while I based the lines on the experience of losing both my parents.


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