Blast from the Past–This ain’t Instag*am

"under the ray"

As most gadgets now have photographic features added with various applications, people can now instantly take photos and add a wide range of effects and directly share them on social media. Among the most populars are Instagram (for iOS devices) and molome (for Blackberry).

I own neither of the two types of devices. But I am in good fond of retro/antique style.

Below are several photos I processed using Pixlr-o-matic, a filter application for PCs. The filters and effects are nice and attractive while also being easy to use. Shortly saying, it’s quite good to have fun with. As it was just a trial, I used some images from my stock photos. Perhaps next time I’ll take better photos, each with their own concepts, to later on process using this tool.

Anyway, I just like the retro style. 🙂

"autumn leaves"
"to the graveyard"
"the deserted dream"


"shattered" pt.2
"for you"


"love it or leave it"


"i'm coming, honey"


"in a hope for..."
"a moment to remember"




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