Romance in Summer: Laugh, Love, Live

The grass is green and the sky is blue
My head is clear and my thoughts are true, yeah
Thats what Im sayin

Callin’ out young and old
We got a thing that can’t be sold
The time it takes to rise above
In the summer of love

It’s the summer of love I say

~311-Summer of Love

After showered by heavy rain for months, lately these days the city i’m living in (Yogyakarta) has been ‘bathed’ in the burning sun. It didn’t rain for almost a week. Perhaps it has something to do with the solar storm, I guess, but who can predict weather?

It’s been like in the summer, I feel, though in reality our country experiences no summer. When talking about summer, the first thing that comes to my mind is that it is a lively, joyful moment. I never experience a ‘real’ summer, but I can at least imagine how it would be; I’m thinking of bright sunny days where flowers are blooming and people are laughing and couples are loving.

And I’m trying to reveal the joy of summer, the romance, the lively atmosphere it brings. The photos below were taken just today around a hill I’ve just visited. I added creative filters to strengthen a warm romantic touch of the summer feeling. 😉


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