Motion: Photographing Dances on Stage in Long-Exposure


Last week, I’ve had a rare opportunity of photographing dance performance (again). I was asked by a friend who is a photojournalist to be his assistant as the official photographers for the dance performance by 3rd grade students of Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan 1 Kasihan, Bantul (SMKI)—a vocational high school dedicated in arts.

For three days, we photographed the students’ dance theater performance, each day with different story. While photographing the main dance (the performance was divided into two parts consisted of 2 opening dances and the main performance), I was teased to capture the motions of the dancers.

Using long-exposure, I took several images of the opening dances. I couldn’t take too many as I had to maintain my focus on documenting the performances, but here are some of the photographs I’ve taken using long-exposure. (As for the main dances, I’ll share them later.)

Enjoy the motions!

*All images were taken using Canon EOS 550D + 18-135mm lens

*The B/W version were processed using NIK software

“(in)visible hands”
“(in)visible hands”
“spreading” in BW
“the three dancers”
“(in)visible hands” in BW
“swing it, swing”
“swing, swing”
“swing, swing” in BW

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