“I Want You”: First Love Stays Forever (They Said)

It’s my first love
What I dreaming of
When I go to bed
When I lay my head upon my pillow
Don’t know what to do
My first love
Thinks that I’m too young

~Nikka Costa-First Love

What does the term “first love” refer to?

Some may say it’s the kind of love we feel for the first time—in other words, the chronological order matters the most.

Still, some others may say it doesn’t merely refer to “the moment” when we fall in love for the first time; it’s more about the feeling wherein we truly feel we’re falling in love. It may not be the first time we fall in love, but it is the first time we feel we fall in love.

People say first love stays forever, even until quite a long time. Maybe it stays as a pure memory; sometimes it stays along with unanswered expectation or unfinished story.


*From the mime theater performance “Aku Mau Kamu” by Teater Seriboe Djendela, 25 April 2012


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