One-winged Angel

*how high can you fly with broken wings?

~Aerosmith – Amazing

This is the story of an angel.

An angel with broken wing—destroyed by wicked humans in a wicked world.

* * *

The woman met the man by chance. They got involved in such conversation and interaction by chance.

And by chance, at a certain point in their lifetime, there came a mysterious old man between them.

“I see that you two have good things and bad things inside,” said the old man. Then he handed them something small and soft, covered in clean white cloth.

“What’s this?” the woman was pretty surprised, just like the man.

The old man replied, “It’s something that will certainly help you two enhance the good things and defeat the bad things inside of you.”

The man and the woman were puzzled. “Why this? Why us?” they asked.

But the old man answered, “You won’t realize the meaning now; you can only reveal the meaning later.”

And soon after saying that, the old man vanished; leaving not a single clue about who he was, what he was doing, or why he gave that thing to both the man and the woman.

* * *

So the man and the woman unpacked the white cloth covering the thing the old man gave them.

Inside, they found something that looked like a human baby—it’s small and soft, weak and fragile. Only, the thing that looked like a baby had a pair of little white wings.

“It seemed like a baby to me,” said the man.

The woman looked closely to the baby, “No, it’s more than a baby.” She exclaimed, “Look, it’s got wings! It must be an angel!”

“Whatever, I don’t get it,” said the man. “What the fuck was in that old man’s mind?”

The woman seemed to ignore the man and kept insisting, “Gosh, it’s an angel he gave us! What a blessing!”

“What blessing?” the man retorted. “It’s embarassing, you know! What do you think people would say when they got to take a look at this creature?”

“What did you call it? Creature?” the woman seemed annoyed. “It’s clearly an angel, stop calling it creature!”

But the man shrugged, “Really? What do you think people would say? It’s a disgrace!”

The woman started to cry, “But just look at it, it’s totally amazing—it’s wonderful! Oh, and look at those cute wings—this angel will surely captivate the world once it flies with those charming wings!”

“Hey woman, are you out of your mind?” the man said while turning away. “I don’t give a damn; I don’t see it as an angel or whatsoever—it’s a disgrace and that’s all of it.”

The woman, holding the little angel in her arms, rushed to the man. “But we have to take care after it. You heard what the old man said, didn’t you?”

The man didn’t stop an inch, “I don’t get anything of this.”

* * *

Here the next of the story goes: the woman insisted of keeping a good care of the angel as she believed that the angel was given for reasons they would only reveal later in life, while the man let the woman took care of the angel only to give her something to do to make her forget telling people in their surrounding about the angel’s existence.

And as with the angel, she grew and grew—her wings got bigger each day. The woman thought the wings were wonderful and heavenly, while the man regarded it as something disgusting and weird—because, he thought, it wasn’t normal for a human to have such wings.

Some people around them eventually got to recognize the angel—and like the woman, they thought the angel was beautiful. But some, like the man, thought that the angel was a disgrace and that the woman was foolish for keeping such “creature” (they called it so) and for being too happy with it.

Some people told the man, “Soon, that creature will learn to fly; you need to do something to prevent it from happening—what would the world say about that? Angel—we believed it’s not an angel!”

“So, what should I do?” asked the man, which was answered by the other people handling him a sharp knife.

* * *

So here is what the man did afterwards: late at night, he entered the small room where the woman kept the angel, and silently, he cut off one of the angel’s wings. The angel, feeling such pain, cried out loud that the woman woke up and hurriedly came to her.

“For God’s sake, what have you done?” the woman cried while holding the angel, who kept crying with blood running through her arms and down the woman’s feet.

“I don’t want her to fly—I don’t want the world to see her!” the man yelled, leaving as he threw the knife away.

* * *

The woman tried all she could to restore the broken wing—but what could she do? She couldn’t sew the broken wing back together, nor could she replace the wing with feathers.

In her crying for pain, the little angel whispered, “It’s okay, woman.”

The woman cried sadly, “How come? Your wings have broken down!”

“I’m fine,” said the little angel. “Just teach me to fly.”

“But, how high can you fly with broken wings*?” the woman asked in despair.

The little angel said, “We’ll see.”

* * *

This is what happens next: secretly and silently, the woman left her hometown—she took the angel with her, leaving the wicked place and the wicked people who thought the angel was a disgrace.

Those people, and the man also, laughed in satisfaction when they found out that the woman had left. “She’s very funny—that lunatic woman who thought she was keeping an angel!”

* * *

And secretly, miles away, the woman taught the little angel to fly—with one wing.

* * *

It’s been a long time; perhaps days, perhaps years, perhaps centuries—no one could tell. The angel has learnt to fly, but she never showed it to people other than the woman.

Ah, and remember what the old man said? His words are true, he was not lying.

One day, rain started to fall endlessly. It fell for months that cities and lands began to submerge in flood. People were washed away from their lands, other were dying.

At the very last chance, when the woman had no more idea what she had to do, the angel said, “Come, woman. It’s time.”

“Time for what?” the woman was puzzled.

The angel stood and took the woman’s hand. “You remember what the old man said? It’s time for that.”

And such a wonder it was—the angel stood dauntlessly, and beautifully raising her now-only-one wing. “Hold on to me; I’ll take you to a higher land.”

Before setting off, the woman said, “Wait—how about the man? Wasn’t it that you were given to me and him—not to me only? Shouldn’t you take him, too?”

The angel smiled. “I am given a pair of wings so that I can take two humans of my choice,” she said softly. “Now I’ve got only one wing—I can only save one human, and that should only be you.”

There they go—the angel flapped her wing and flew, saving the woman from the flood.

* * *

To L.C., I believe you will fly, no matter how hard they’re trying to break your wings now.


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