Bold & Brave, Cool but Cute: Tafira Oktiani

Who can define ‘beauty’ and ‘being beautiful’?

Talent: Tafira Oktiani (read more about her, below)

Make-Up & Wardrobe: Widie

Photo: Widie

Yogyakarta, October 2012

I think every woman is beautiful in their own way; you don’t have to look like a princess to be beautiful—wearing all those huge gowns, high heels, and whatsoever.

You are beautiful in every single way. You would only need to be true to yourself—that you are unique, and that what makes you beautiful.

About the talent:

Confident, cool, to-the-point, and sometimes sarcastic—that’s how Fira has always been.

Speaks and acts with no pretenses, she has a strong personality. She might not appear as fascinating as a princess would look—with girly stuffs and shy attitude—but she is being true to herself; and that’s her charm.


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